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In 2016, SMARTROOF and DOCTOR EDWARD decided to cooperate to develop nano-tech roofing material because SMARTROOF is experienced in roofing sheet and DOCTOR EDWARD is experienced in nano technology. After 4 years product development period and in dept research, Nanomet is founded by SMARTROOF and DOCTOR EDWARD in 2020, aiming to bring our best nano-tech roofing sheet to the world. In order to improve our product, Nanomet also build up a technical and QC team to control the quality. So our product not only have more advantages than traditional metal roof, but also have quality guarantee for clients.

Specializing in the production of all kinds of product molds and products, professional production and processing company
5 production lines
Annual output exceeds 10million meters
The factory area is more than 5000 meters
Teams have worked for more than 10 years
The glory of the company
Product case of company
Chemical Factory
Because the chemical plants will produce corrosive gases during production, they have extremely high requirements for the anticorrosion performance of building structures and materials. In addition, the extreme temperature in Angola can reach 40℃ in summer, so the thermal insulation performance of tile is particularly important.
Because of the easy processing characteristics of our nano roofing, our nano roofing are used for the top and peripheral materials of the warehouse. Compared with the 30 days required by the traditional construction method, this method greatly shortens the construction period, which takes only 15 days from the beginning of laying to completion, thus reducing the total cost. After the completion of the warehouse, the indoor annual temperature was maintained at 26℃-31℃, which created favorable conditions for the preservation of the warehouse.
Farm House
Our product is the best choice for the building with high corrosion situation like farm house. As this is a farm, its heat preservation conditions are very strict, thus ensuring the health of animals. We can design the best plan for you to save up your money and how to install for the farm house.
Parking Iot
Our product can be the best choice for parking lot shelter which can protect car paint because the nano heat insulation roofing has nano reflective coating, the ultraviolet rays of the sun are reflected into the air by reflection, so as to achieve the purpose of cooling and heat insulation.
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