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Company Profile

In 2016, SMARTROOF and DOCTOR EDWARD decided to cooperate to develop nano-tech roofing material because SMARTROOF is experienced in roofing sheet and DOCTOR EDWARD is experienced in nano technology. After 4 years product development period and in dept research, Nanomet is founded by SMARTROOF and DOCTOR EDWARD in 2020, aiming to bring our best nano-tech roofing sheet to the world. In order to improve our product, Nanomet also build up a technical and QC team to control the quality. So our product not only have more advantages than traditional metal roof, but also have quality guarantee for clients.heat

Nanomet has obtained professional authorization from American Nanotechnology Laboratory, and is mainly engaged in nano metal roof tile. Because of its light, strong, fireproof and corrosion-resistant characteristics, its market prospect is very broad.B

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