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Buildings built with NANOMET ROOF Sheets have better thermal insulation

Published date: 2022/9/27

industrial metal roofing

Thermal insulation materials are generally guided thermal coefficient greater than or equal to 0.2W/ M.K materials, high thermal conductivity materials have excellent thermal conductivity, at the same heat flux and thickness, material high temperature side wall surface and low temperature wall surface temperature difference, with the increase of thermal conductivity decreases. NANOMET ROOF SHEET is anti-aging film on both sides + anti-aging adhesive + middle 55% aluminum zinc plating, galvanized steel SHEET;

zinc sheet metal roofing

The thermal conductivity of NANOMET ROOF SHEET anti-aging film (polyester substrate) is 0.18W/ M.K. The thermal conductivity of aging resistant adhesive (polyester resin) is 0.19W/ M.K., the tile will not feel cold at low temperature, and the workshop built with NANOMET ROOF SHEET has better thermal insulation performance. Color steel sandwich board is made of color coated steel plate surface layer, self-extinguishing foam as sandwich material, through a specific production process composite and heat insulation sandwich board.

flat seam metal roof

Core material is divided into polystyrene foam, polyurethane, rock wool and so on. Either that sandwich board has the characteristics of "three in one" work together. NANOMET ROOF SHEET coating steel plate has the advantages of high strength, waterproof, corrosion resistance, bright color and so on, while the foam plastic is light weight, excellent insulation performance, and can withstand a certain shear force.


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