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Classification of external surface treatments for NANOMET ROOF sheets

Published date: 2023/6/25

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At present, the color steel plate coating is mainly based on ordinary polyester paint, and the low-end market is supplied more, but with the improvement of the market material performance and environmental protection requirements, the demand for NANOMET ROOF SHEET with fluorocarbon coating as a film is also increasing. The price of fluorocarbon coating is higher than that of polyester coating, but the performance of fluorocarbon coating is significantly better than that of polyester coating, especially in the application of outdoor building materials, and its maintenance cost is much lower than that of polyester coating.

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The external surface treatment of NANOMET ROOF sheets comprises two categories: inherently unpainted products and painted products.
1. Non-painted products: hammer NANOMET ROOF SHEET (irregular pattern), relief plate (regular pattern formed by mechanical embossing); Pre-installed alumina surface treatment board. This product will not be painted on the surface of the board, the surface requirements are not high, and the price is lower.

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2. Painting products: fluorocarbon coated NANOMET ROOF SHEET can be divided into spray plate products and pre-roll coating plate according to the coating process; According to the type of coatings can be divided into: polyester coatings, polyamines, polyamides, epoxy resins, fluorocarbons, etc., under the action of ultraviolet light as much as possible anti-aging. Among them, PVDF fluorocarbon coating has excellent anti-aging properties and is currently the first known anti-ultraviolet organic compound.


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