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During the construction process the NANOMET ROOF SHEET core material should be kept away from the welding open flame operation

Published date: 2022/10/25

industrial metal roofing

During the construction process, the core material of NANOMET ROOF SHEET should be kept away from open flame operations such as electric welding and gas welding. In the usual use of the product process, some heat sources, fire sources do not matter next to the tile, to maintain a certain distance. The installation process should pay attention to the correct way of tile placement. The overlapping type is suitable for roofs ≦15M in length, while the staggered type is suitable for roofs with ≧15M in length.

12 ft metal roofing

NANOMET ROOF SHEET nails must be hit in the middle of the shingles to have waterproof effect. When installing the sealing strip, separate the sealing strip into two halves, and highlight the waterproof treatment during the installation process. The final inclined plane installation should pay attention to the installation of water material under the tile, and then use waterproof adhesive or cement to do the final treatment.

hawaiian blue metal roof

The worker installing NANOMET ROOF SHEET must be a certified professional. The skeleton must be securely installed. When the installation is needed, try to step on the middle part of the tile and avoid stepping on the edge of the tile. Install with caution in inclement weather. The common application of color steel tile makes our building appearance more colorful, beautiful and tidy.


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