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Excellent adhesion between the anticorrosive coating and the NANOMET ROOF SHEET metal

Published date: 2023/5/7

industrial metal roofing

Preparation of NANOMET ROOF SHEET coating: the concentration of rare earth solution was 0.1 ~ 1.0mol/L; Rare earth metal compounds include one or more of scandium (Sc), yttrium (Y), lanthanum (La), cerium (Ce), praseodymium (Pr) and neodymium (Nd). The rare earth compounds are dissolved in hydrochloric acid solution, sulfuric acid solution, nitric acid solution and hydrogen peroxide mixed solution at 35 ~ 45℃. And add buffer solution to adjust the pH of the mixed solution to keep at 3.5;

simulated clay tile metal roofing panels

The solution was sprayed onto the metal substrate of NANOMET ROOF SHEET by electrostatic spraying, and the spraying time was 60s. Nano-powders of epoxy resin and flavonoids were sprayed on the metal substrate by electrostatic spraying. The spraying time was 30 ~ 80s, the curing temperature was 200 ~ 300℃ and the curing time was 2 ~ 3h in the air blast oven. The nano-film is filled between the gaps of the metal plate at the nano level, and can form a dense coating on the surface of the metal plate, which has excellent anti-corrosion effect.

painting rusted galvanized metal roof

The introduction of natural antioxidant flavonoids into the metal substrate of NANOMET ROOF SHEET has rich sources, low price, environmental protection, and better anti-corrosion effect on the corrosion caused by oxidation. Using electrostatic spraying method, the process is simple and easy to operate, and there is excellent adhesion between the film and the metal.


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