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For constant temperature and humidity workshop workshop can withdraw NANOMET Roof Sheet energy saving and environmental protection attributes

Published date: 2022/8/15

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To strong sunlight can make NANOMET Roof Sheet surface coating fever, its surface feel cool and refreshing, the warmer the weather, heat insulation, the more significant, and thus can prolong the life of a building, and can save energy, reduce the cost of cooling purposes, to provide comfortable environment, is a kind of very good environmental protection product, especially for workshop of constant temperature and humidity, It can save the cost of air conditioning and refrigeration, especially the energy saving and environmental protection properties of NANOMET Roof Sheet.

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NANOMET Roof Sheet also has good corrosion resistance and can be used for more than 10 years in corrosive environments. Its heat insulation performance for constant temperature and humidity workshop provides a great help.

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In the environment of high heat, high humidity and corrosion, NANOMET Roof Sheet is not easy to form the tile surface microenvironment of high temperature and high humidity due to its excellent heat reflection performance. At the same time, the fine steel has good corrosion resistance.

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