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Heat Insulation and Corrosion Protection Series NANOMET ROOF SHEET has excellent heat insulation and insulation characteristics

Published date: 2023/4/23

industrial metal roofing

NANOMET ROOF SHEET is a metal roofing composite material integrating heat reflection, heat insulation, corrosion resistance. Heat insulation anticorrosive series polysteel fluorine plate on the outer surface of the metal substrate (double or single side,) by hot melt compression coating process coated nano heat insulation pure aluminum film, can reflect the sunlight and infrared heat energy off the surface of the metal plate, to achieve the role of heat insulation.

10 ft metal roofing

The thermal insulation and anti-corrosion series NANOMET ROOF SHEET has good thermal insulation and insulation characteristics on the basis of corrosion resistance and aging resistance. At the same time, embossing technology is used on the surface of nano heat insulation film, which can reflect heat without glare. It is suitable for pig farms, chicken farms and other livestock farms, textile factories, printing and dyeing factories and other industrial places that require high heat insulation and anti-corrosion requirements.

heat proof tiles for roof

At present, the patterns on the surface of the NANOMET ROOF SHEET are processed into micro and precise patterns by embossing equipment. The existing double-sided embossing equipment used for the coating of nano metal sheet can be single-sided embossing. When the sheet needs to be double-sided embossing, the sheet needs to be first single-sided embossing, and then the sheet is reversed and the whole process is repeated.


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