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How should we choose NANOMET ROOF SHEET

Published date: 2022/10/2

agricultural metal roofing

So, how should we choose NANOMET ROOF SHEET? Appearance is smooth, we buy anything, will pay attention to appearance characteristics, because the appearance is essential for us to pay attention to matters, factory roof tile is also the same, to see whether the appearance is smooth is the first condition we choose it. Is the coloring uniform? The coloring of factory roof tiles is similar to that of clothes we buy. We need to observe the color difference.

12 ft metal roofing

Good workshop NANOMET ROOF SHEET is very uniform in color, without color difference, and can not fade for a long time, while poor workshop ROOF tile, color difference contrast will be more obvious, once after sun and rain, color difference is more obvious. The density of the sound, hand knock factory roof tile, listen to the sound is clear and loud, such as the sound of the knock is clear and clear is the high density of the tile, such as the sound of the knock is stuffy, it is the low density of the tile.

slate blue metal roof

For the permeability of water, pour the water into the groove of the NANOMET ROOF SHEET in the workshop to see if the water flow is straight without twists and turns. If it is straight, it means that the density is relatively uniform. 24 hours to see if there are traces of water infiltration on the back, if not, it means that the material of the factory roof tile is better.


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