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How to prepare diazo solution for NANOMET ROOF SHEET

Published date: 2023/5/23

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The intermediate, acetaldehyde solution, din-propylamine and methanol were mixed evenly. At the rotational speed of 180r/min and the temperature of 73℃ for 6h, the methanol was removed by distillation, and the intermediate, n-butanol and sodium methanol solution were added again at the temperature of 93℃ for 11h to prepare intermediate 2. The intermediate 2, n-bromosuccimide, benzoyl peroxide and carbon tetrachloride were added to the reaction kettle at 85℃ for 9h to prepare the diazo liquid intermediate of NANOMET ROOF SHEET.

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The intermediate, 1,2,2,6, 6-pentamethylpiperidol,n, n-dimethylformamide, and copper sulfate were mixed evenly. After the reaction for 9h at a rotating speed of 180r/min and a temperature of 145℃, the filter slag was removed by filtration, the solvent was removed by distillation of the filtrate, and the substrate, potassium carbonate, deionized water and tetraethyl ammonium bromide were added to the reactor. After reflux reaction for 2.5h, the intermediate was prepared. 4-methyl-2-nitroaniline, concentrated hydrochloric acid and deionized water were mixed evenly. Under the condition of rotating speed of 180r/min and temperature of 3℃, after stirring for 0.8h, sodium nitrite aqueous solution was added for 0.8h, and the ph value of the reaction solution was adjusted to 8 to prepare diazo liquid.

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After evenly mixing p-methylphenol, potassium carbonate, dimethyl sulfate and acetone, the intermediate was prepared by stirring reflux for 4h at the rotational speed of 180r/min and the temperature of 95℃. The intermediate was prepared by mixing the intermediate, potassium permanganate and deionized water evenly at the temperature of 115℃ for 4.5h after reflux reaction. The intermediate and dichlorosulfolone were mixed evenly. After reflux reaction for 9h at a rotating speed of 180r/min and a temperature of 83℃, the dichlorosulone was removed by distillation and diazo was added. The reaction was carried out for 1.3h at a rotating speed of 200r/min, a temperature of 8℃ and a ph value of 9. Intermediate of NANOMET ROOF SHEET anti-aging agent was prepared.


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