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Nano powders of epoxy resin and geranyl were sprayed on the substrate of NANOMET ROOF SHEET to form an anticorrosive layer

Published date: 2023/5/11

industrial metal roofing

Geranol and epoxy resin powder were stirred magnetically for 25min, respectively, and dissolved in distilled water. After that, the device was transferred to 80℃ ultrasonic bath for ultrasonic treatment for 4.2h, so that the flavonoids and epoxy resin powder were completely dispersed. The mixed solution was refrigerated for 2h at -4℃, and then filtered by Brinberg funnel respectively. The NANOMET ROOF SHEET precipitated powder filter cake was washed three times in deionized water and ethanol solution respectively.

heat reflective roof tiles

The washed filter cake was dried in an electric oven at 125℃ for 8.5h, and the dried powder was calcined in a tubular furnace at 500, 700, 900 and 1200℃ for 3h respectively, and then the ball mill was used to grind the calcined product to the form of nanometer size. At 35℃, 1.5g cerium chloride was dissolved in a mixture of 5mL nitric acid and 6mL hydrogen peroxide, and the pH of the solution was adjusted to 3.5. Then the solution was electrostatic sprayed on the metal substrate of NANOMET ROOF SHEET for 60s.

zinc metal roof

The sprayed NANOMET ROOF SHEET metal plate was washed with deionized water, and then the nano-powder of epoxy resin and geraniol was sprayed into the metal sample for 60s. After that, the metal plate was placed in the air blast oven at 260℃ for 2.8h and taken out to obtain a kind of rare earth nano-coated metal plate.


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