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NANOMET Roof Sheet, a new type of environmentally friendly building material, is very popular in the field of construction

Published date: 2022/9/1

industrial metal roofing

In the present are concerned about energy conservation and environmental protection, pollution control environment, if the construction of the plant, in the face of dazzling steel tile, cement tile, asbestos tile, clay tile and other roof tile, really do not know which one to choose? Most of the factories now use NANOMET Roof sheets, but the shingles have a long life. In the case of wind, sun and rain, will not stain, high quality tile can be used for 15 years or so.

heat reflective upvc roofing sheet

New environment-friendly building materials are very popular in the field of construction, such as NANOMET Roof Sheet, which is an upgraded product of color steel tile. It uses 0.5mm thick high-strength steel plate as the base plate and composite anti-corrosion film on both sides. It does not rust or leak in all kinds of heavy corrosive environment and has a long service life. Especially in chemical plants, various acid and alkali corrosive water vapor bodies are oxidizing the tiles every day, which will not greatly shorten the service life of NANOMET Roof Sheet.

rooftop tiles for heat protection

NANOMET Roof Sheet is the same as the ordinary color steel tiles, which can be pressed into any tile type in the construction site. It has the advantages of durable corrosion resistance, long service life, high strength, easy installation, beautiful and generous. It is the best choice for industrial plant Roof and wall materials in corrosive environment.

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