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NANOMET ROOF SHEET adopts different grinding methods for different environments

Published date: 2022/10/24

agricultural metal roofing

For the color steel tile grinding method is divided into three kinds of dry grinding, wet grinding and mechanical grinding, we will introduce these three kinds of grinding methods for you:
Mechanical grinding: In the construction of NANOMET ROOF SHEET in a large area, in order to improve the work efficiency, mechanical grinding methods can be used, such as electric grinding machine, disc type and vibration type.

14 ft metal roofing

Wet grinding: Water sandpaper dipped in water or suds burnish NANOMET ROOF SHEET, water can reduce the grinding crack, improve the smoothness of the coating, and sand paper, energy saving, but should pay attention to after water spray paint, the lower one is completely dry before they can apply the lower water layer such as paint, lacquer layer easily efflorescence, otherwise the substrate with strong water imbibition also shoulds not be frayed.

weathered copper metal roof

Dry grinding: Sandpaper is used for grinding, which is suitable for grinding hard and brittle paint. The disadvantage of grinding NANOMET ROOF SHEET is that a lot of dust will be produced during the operation, which will affect the environmental health.
In the installation and construction process of NANOMET ROOF SHEET, if the construction can be carried out smoothly and the later use effect is good, we should pay attention to some problems in the construction process.


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