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NANOMET Roof Sheet benefits from the unique multi layer pressure composite anticorrosion technology of fine steel

Published date: 2022/8/13

industrial metal roofing

NANOMET Roof Sheet benefits from the unique multi-layer pressure composite anticorrosive technology of fine steel. Fine steel Roof Sheet has good acid and alkali resistance, chemical media resistance and other properties. It is in strong corrosive environment for more than 10 years, no rust, no water leakage. The specular silver in its composite material reflects up to 81% of light and heat, and does not absorb heat. Its thermal conductivity is as low as 2.93W/ M.k.

rusted metal roofing

When the weather is hot in summer, the roof tile temperature rises, a large number of radiant heat into the indoor temperature continues to rise, so that the working and living environment is harsh. The standard workshop uses NANOMET Roof Sheet, which can cool more than 15 degrees in summer when the temperature is high.

dark gray metal roof

NANOMET Roof Sheet thermal insulation material is not the traditional thermal insulation material, thermal insulation material refers to the material that can block heat transfer, also known as thermal insulation material. Suitable for all kinds of industrial plants, warehouses, such as steel mills/chemical plants/pickling plants/casting plants/alumina workshops/breeding farms, etc.

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