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NANOMET ROOF SHEET can be molded in different shapes depending on the design of the ROOF

Published date: 2022/9/22

agricultural metal roofing

Color aluminum plate, aluminum plate after surface painting processing, made into color coated aluminum volume, width according to the designer's drawings, cut into different widths after slicing, become the current color coated aluminum plate. The color aluminum SHEET is stamped and bent by different moulds to make a variety of patterns, that is, NANOMET ROOF SHEET. It is used in the ROOF of buildings, oil pollution and moisture proof treatment, and some are used in the decoration of office buildings.

wholesale metal roofing

NANOMET ROOF SHEET is easy to clean after a long time. The tile material is light, the service life is long, and it also has the use value of recycling again. The processing technology of color aluminum gusset plate and NANOMET ROOF SHEET is the same, that is, the purpose is different. Aluminum gusset plate is used indoors, while the tile made of color aluminum plate is used outdoors. Because it is exposed to sunlight and wind and rain outdoors, the material selection is higher in strength and corrosion resistance than aluminum gusset plate.

striated metal roof

NANOMET ROOF SHEET is painted and molded in different shapes according to the design of the ROOF. So the rainy season in the south is more than the north, the south is more common than the north, and the use is relatively large.


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