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NANOMET Roof Sheet combines durable anticorrosion with efficient insulation

Published date: 2022/8/28

agricultural metal roofing

NANOMET Roof Sheet is 1/10 of the thermal conductivity of the color coated Roof Sheet, which is superior to the traditional color coated Roof Sheet in terms of thermal insulation. It is one of the building materials of the plant, but also the indispensable roof and wall materials of the corrosive plant. Why do you say so? This is because the film has strong anti-corrosion performance, can be used in a heavy corrosive environment for a long time, so what is the laminate?

heat insulation roof sheet

NANOMET Roof Sheet is laminated with modified polyester film, fluorocarbon coating and other materials to form anti-corrosion composite material, to achieve the performance characteristics of no rust and no water leakage. It uses the new idea and technology, with high strength steel plate or aluminum plate as the substrate, positive and negative laminated composite anticorrosive and heat insulation composite material, to achieve the combination of durable anticorrosion and high efficiency heat insulation and one of the energy saving and environmental protection building materials.

heat resistant tiles for roof

When using NANOMET Roof Sheet, the laminate is cut and pressed. But after cutting the laminate, what kind of anti-corrosion treatment should be done at its incision?

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