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NANOMET Roof Sheet did not change significantly after soaking in Per cent 98 concentrated sulfuric acid for 24 hours

Published date: 2022/8/31

industrial metal roofing

With the introduction of NANOMET Roof Sheet as a new generation of anti-corrosion workshop Roof tile, this embarrassing situation has been broken. It is made of 0.5mm thick high-strength steel plate as the substrate, and the positive and negative composite anti-corrosion functional film. It is not rusty or leaky in all kinds of heavy corrosive environment, and has a long service life. It is durable acid, alkali and corrosion resistant, and can be used for more than 10 years in strong corrosive environment.

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Proof of use: NANOMET Roof Sheet soaked in 98% concentrated sulfuric acid, 99.5% acetic acid solution, 10% sodium hydroxide solution for 24 hours without significant change. It is very suitable for acid rain prone areas, corrosive factories and coastal areas, the effect is remarkable.

heat resistant upvc roofing sheet

NANOMET Roof Sheet is the same as ordinary color steel Roof Sheet, which can be pressed into any Roof type on the construction site. It is durable corrosion resistance, long service life, high strength, easy installation, beautiful and generous, is the best choice of industrial plant roof and wall materials in corrosive environment.

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