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NANOMET ROOF SHEET has a silver reflection coefficient of 81 percent

Published date: 2022/10/12

agricultural metal roofing

In winter, the temperature in the factory is too low, and the production enthusiasm of workers is greatly reduced because of the low temperature. If gas heating is adopted, the production cost will increase rapidly, and it is not conducive to environmental protection. How to heat up the heat insulation effectively without increasing the production cost and damaging the environment has become a problem worth paying attention to. NANOMET ROOF SHEET can solve this problem very well.

rolled metal roofing

Because NANOMET ROOF SHEET mirror silver reflection coefficient up to 81%, can effectively reflect light and heat. At the same time, the composite material has a very low thermal conductivity, as low as 2.93W/m.k, and the traditional color steel tile steel plate thermal conductivity of 41W/m.k. Benefit from these two properties, with excellent heat insulation performance. Compared with the traditional caigang tile standard workshop under high temperature weather can rise to more than 8 degrees.

gambrel metal roof

NANOMET ROOF SHEET not only controls the indoor temperature, but also reduces the cost of gas use in winter, and also adheres to the principle of sustainable development. Winter is coming, in order to make the factory normal production, the production enthusiasm of workers is not affected by the temperature, NANOMET ROOF SHEET is your best choice.


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