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NANOMET ROOF SHEET has better anti corrosion effect against corrosion caused by oxidation

Published date: 2023/5/5

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It is estimated that the economic losses caused by metal corrosion reach 700 billion dollars every year, which is far more than the economic losses caused by natural disasters such as fire, wind and earthquake. The economic losses caused by metal corrosion account for 4 percent of the gross national product. In addition, in addition to huge economic losses, metal corrosion caused by the safety of hidden dangers directly threaten human life safety. Therefore, the antisepsis of NANOMET ROOF SHEET is of great significance.

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A preparation method of NANOMET ROOF SHEET with rare earth nanocoating was proposed. The rare earth solution was applied to the metal plate by spraying, and then nano-sized natural antioxidants and epoxy resin curing agent nano-powder were sprayed onto the metal plate. The nano-size was better filled between the gaps of the metal plate. A layer of compact rare earth nanofilm is formed on the surface of the metal plate, which can effectively isolate the metal from the outside air, water and oxygen to achieve effective anti-corrosion effect.

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Compared with traditional rare earth passivation film, nanoparticles of NANOMET ROOF SHEET can effectively fill in the gap of metal sheet of nanomet roof sheet, resulting in better compactness of the film. In addition, natural antioxidants and flavonoids are added to the nanomet membrane, which can effectively inhibit the active free radicals of oxygen. It has better anti-corrosion effect on corrosion caused by oxidation.


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