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NANOMET ROOF SHEET has two insulation methods porous material and thermal reflective material

Published date: 2022/11/17

industrial metal roofing

The NANOMET ROOF SHEET has two thermal insulation methods: porous material and thermal reflective material. The steel plastic sheet adopts extremely high quality thermal reflective material, which can reflect up to 81% of light and heat. Secondly, the thermal conductivity of the composite is also very low, as low as 2.93W/m.k. It can effectively isolate and reflect the thermal radiation produced by infrared ray and has very excellent heat insulation performance.

12 ft metal roofing

Through the construction material test, the thermal conductivity of NANOMET ROOF SHEET is 0.601W/ (m.K), which is 1/10 of the thermal conductivity of color coated board, and the thermal insulation is better than the traditional color coated roof board. In today's market, color steel tile is the first choice for many enterprises to build new plants, mainly because NANOMET is cheap, convenient construction, but as a chemical plant roof tile, traditional color steel tile is not suitable, why is this?

weathered copper metal roof

Chemical plants mainly use the principle of chemical reaction when operating, and the use of chemical engineering technology to produce chemical products may release corrosive gases, with the change of PH value will bring some corrosion, corrosion will be eroded from all sides, including the workshop NANOMET ROOF SHEET and wall. If the plant uses the traditional color steel tile with weak corrosion resistance, it may not take long to be corroded.


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