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NANOMET Roof Sheet interface reflects more than 90 percent

Published date: 2022/7/27

industrial metal roofing

NANOMET Roof Sheet is acid and alkali resistant, with good anticorrosive performance. It is not afraid of acid and alkali, especially in the southern region, where there will be acid rain in many places. General materials are most afraid of acid. Soak in salt, alkali and acids below 60% for 24 hours without chemical reaction. It is very suitable for acid rain prone areas, corrosive factories and coastal areas, the effect is particularly significant.

wholesale metal roofing

NANOMET Roof Sheet is the most ideal Roof building material in coastal areas with strong salt spray corrosion and serious air pollution areas. It can completely solve the problem of acid, alkali and corrosion resistance of Roof building materials in chemical plants, ceramics factories, electroplating factories and other enterprises.

striated metal roof

NANOMET Roof Sheet high strength: transverse compressive strength up to 4900N/M; Fire prevention: reach fire-resistant grade, completely belong to the flame retardant building materials; Heat INSULATION: without considering the case of insulation layer, the interface reflection is more than 90%, and the heat insulation performance can still reach the best.

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