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NANOMET ROOF SHEET is made of polymer color film and metal substrate

Published date: 2023/3/12

agricultural metal roofing

At present, the bottleneck of the development of metal composite material industry is caused by the overcapacity of homogeneous products, which leads to the mutual price pressure and product quality decline within the industry, thus making it difficult for the products to enter the construction design end or the application end of Party A. In face of this vicious circle, four solutions are put forward: product innovation, structure optimization, brand improvement and industry cooperation. Development status and path of NANOMET ROOF SHEET in metal composite industry.

heat insulation roof sheet

NANOMET ROOF SHEET products are made of polymer color film + galvanized sheet (or metal substrate), can avoid wood, wallpaper moth, moisture problems. Easy to form: its excellent metal performance, can meet the contemporary technology, making metal processing than other materials processing more effective. NANOMET ROOF SHEET has good elasticity and plasticity. It can be formed by fast stamping technology and has very good forming performance.

modern metal roof

NANOMET ROOF SHEET has formed a complete and advanced industrial development chain covering R&D, production and application after years of development in the metal composite industry. At present, the building materials industry is in the critical period of transformation and upgrading to the deep development, it is faced with the traditional industry overcapacity, the new industry supply shortage and economic downturn.


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