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NANOMET Roof Sheet is the best choice for chemical plant Roof tiles

Published date: 2022/8/18

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In today's market, color steel tile is the first choice for many enterprises to build new factories, mainly because the price of color steel tile is cheap, the construction side is convenient, but as a chemical plant Roof tile, NANOMET Roof Sheet is the most suitable, why is this? Let's take a look:

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When working in a chemical plant, it mainly uses the principle of chemical reaction and uses chemical engineering technology to produce chemical products, which may release corrosive gases. With the change of PH value, corrosive gases will be eroded from all sides, including the roof and wall of the plant. If the factory adopts NANOMET Roof Sheet with strong corrosion resistance, it will not be corroded after being used for a long time.

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If faced with the second replacement of roof tiles, serious or even affect the internal normal operation, corrosion roof leakage and forced to interrupt normal production operations, not only delay the construction period and may bear greater direct economic losses, Therefore, the Roof and wall of the chemical plant should choose NANOMET Roof Sheet and wall panel with super acid resistance, alkali resistance, salt spray resistance and solvent resistance.

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