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NANOMET ROOF SHEET is the main material for roof and wall of steel structure industrial plant

Published date: 2022/12/9

industrial metal roofing

At present, NANOMET ROOF SHEET is the mainstream material for the roof and wall of steel structure industrial plant, but there are many industries with corrosive production environment, such as steel mills, chemical plants, fertilizer plants, glass factories, casting factories, pickling factories, ceramics factories, farms and so on. Corrosive factors include acid or alkaline gas or liquid, high temperature and high humidity environment. Chlorine environment, sulfur dioxide or ammonia environment,

14 ft metal roofing

The corrosion rate of traditional color steel tile is greatly accelerated in this kind of environment, and it may rust and leak in 1-2 years. For such use environment, NANOMET ROOF SHEET can be very good corrosion resistance, no rust and no water leakage, can provide owners with a safe and wordless factory roof.

batten seam metal roof

NANOMET ROOF SHEET has multi-layer pressure composite anticorrosion technology, which can withstand acid, alkali and corrosion. Fine steel anticorrosive steel plastic plate can be used for more than 10 years in strong corrosive environment. It is specialized in industrial plants and warehouses where corrosive gases or liquids are produced. Including steel mills, chemical plants, poultry farms, ceramics factories, casting factories and so on. It is an ideal building material for all kinds of corrosive environment workshops and warehouses.


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