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NANOMET ROOF SHEET laminated composite acid and alkali resistant corrosion resistant alloy aluminum foil

Published date: 2022/10/11

industrial metal roofing

Why do we need to replace the roof tiles of the new plant? What materials are used in the new factory? Originally, the former factory ROOF tile is the traditional color steel tile, because the traditional color steel tile is not durable, short service life, easy to rust and leak, and the winter indoor temperature is low, so the user decides to replace the NANOMET ROOF SHEET instead of the traditional color steel tile when the roof tile has a problem.

best price on metal roofing

Consumers choose NANOMET ROOF SHEET with longer service life and more durable. It uses the new concept and technology, with high strength special steel plate or aluminum plate as the base plate, laminated composite acid and alkali resistant corrosion resistant alloy aluminum foil, anti-aging modified polyester and fluorocarbon coating materials, to achieve the integration of durable corrosion protection and efficient heat insulation at the same time.

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Compared with the traditional color steel ROOF SHEET, NANOMET ROOF SHEET extends its service life by more than 2-3 times, and has the function of efficient heat insulation. It is a new type of energy saving and emission reduction, low-carbon and environmental protection material. As we all know, winter is the season of low temperature in the year, and the traditional color steel, iron sheet and other metal materials are very easy to heat.


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