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NANOMET ROOF SHEET prepared high weather resistance fluorocarbon nano convex wood spines color coating

Published date: 2023/5/17

industrial metal roofing

NANOMET ROOF SHEET coating intermediates, acetaldehyde solution, two are propylamine, methanol, n-butanol, the dosage of sodium methoxide solution ratio 0.6 mol: 0.4 mol: 0.4 mol: 25 ml: 20 ml: 1 ml, a solution of acetaldehyde mass fraction is 37%, the mass fraction of sodium methoxide solution is 28%, Intermediate 2, n - butyl bromide generation diimide, benzoyl peroxide, carbon tetrachloride was 0.1 mol: 0.1 mol: 0.15 g: 200 ml. The molar ratio of intermediate and 1,2,2,6, 6-pentamethylpiperidol dosage was 1:1,

galvanized sheet metal roofing

Substrates, potash, deionized water, the amount of tetraethyl ammonium bromide than for 4 g, 9 g: 80 ml: 1.5 g, 4 - methyl - 2 - nitroaniline, concentrated hydrochloric acid, deionized water, sodium nitrite solution dosage ratio 0.06 mol: 0.2 mol: 100 ml: 0.06 mol, concentrated hydrochloric acid mass fraction is 36%, The mass fraction of sodium nitrite in aqueous solution is 30%. The molar ratio of p-methylphenol and dimethyl sulfate is 1:1. The molar ratio of intermediate, potassium permanganate and deionized water of NANOMET ROOF SHEET anticorrosive layer is 2.8g:4.5g:100ml.

profiled metal roof

The dosage ratio of intermediate, dichlorosulfoxide and diazo liquid was 0.09mol:0.1mol:80ml. The dosage ratio of intermediate and hydrogen bromide solution was 0.01mol:50ml; the dosage ratio of intermediate, ethanol, sodium hydroxide solution and hydrazine hydrate of NANOMET ROOF SHEET anti-corrosion layer was 15.6g:200ml:20ml:8.5g; the mass fraction of sodium hydroxide solution was 25%. The molar ratio of intermediate, intermediate and sodium hydroxide dosage was 1:1:1.1.


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