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NANOMET ROOF SHEET printing layer and anti aging agent

Published date: 2023/5/22

agricultural metal roofing

NANOMET ROOF SHEET high weather resistance fluorocarbon nano convex wood spines color coating, including the base material, the surface of the base material is successively arranged with primer, top paint, printing layer, varnish; Printing layer includes the following weight raw materials: acrylic resin 25, fluorocarbon emulsion 9, water 45, anti-aging agent 4, pigment 10, sodium hexametaphosphate 2, sodium carboxymethyl hydroxyethyl cellulose 4, sodium bicarbonate 6;

10 ft metal roofing

2, 6-dihydroxybenzoic acid and dichlorosulphone were mixed evenly. Under the condition of 180r/min and 83℃ for reflux reaction for 9h, dichlorosulphone was removed by distillation and benzoic acid and aluminum trichloride were added. Under the condition of 200r/min and 23℃ for 35min, the temperature was raised to 73℃. After 1.8h reaction, NANOMET ROOF SHEET printing layer intermediate was prepared.

heat resistant tiles for roof

The intermediate, hydrogen bromide solution and tetrahydrofuran are uniformly mixed, and the temperature is 120℃, the reflux reaction is conducted for 3h, and then the intermediate is prepared. After the intermediate, ethanol and sodium hydroxide solution are uniformly mixed, hydrazine hydrate is added at 150r/min and the temperature is 80℃ for 5h, and the ph value of the reaction solution is adjusted to obtain the intermediate. The intermediates, intermediates 4,n, n-dimethylformamide and sodium hydroxide were mixed evenly, and the reaction was carried out for 3h at the rotation speed of 300r/min and the temperature of 40℃ to prepare the NANOMET ROOF SHEET anti-aging agent.


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