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NANOMET ROOF SHEET should last longer than ordinary waterproof material

Published date: 2023/3/29

industrial metal roofing

The service life of NANOMET ROOF SHEET should be longer than that of ordinary waterproof materials to avoid the trouble of repeated construction within several years. Because of the top intermediate layer, especially the use of composite color steel plate, can better improve the thermal insulation and insulation performance. Make indoor temperatures more conducive to living, reduce the use of air conditioning, and reduce energy consumption.

84 lumber metal roofing

Although the interior and exterior of the coloured NANOMET ROOF SHEET have been painted, it still has some life. In particular, certain shaded roof surfaces are prone to corrosion due to moisture. Compared with cement tile, the service life is greatly reduced. If conditions permit, in order to long-term use, increase the purchase amount, it is recommended to use waterproof tile roof again and again!

galvalume standing seam metal roof

The weight of NANOMET ROOF SHEET structure is only 1/5 of the traditional brick and concrete structure, which greatly reduces the seismic load and has high safety. In addition, the installation of the skeleton and frame is scientific and fast with high strength screws and bolts imported from all over Japan. At the same time, the structural calculation of each building, based on the structural calculation, the design of the foundation of the building and the overall structure.


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