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NANOMET ROOF SHEET stacking and hoisting precautions

Published date: 2023/6/11

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When stacking NANOMET ROOF sheets, each pile shall not exceed four boxes, and heavy objects or pedals shall not be placed on the tiles, so as to avoid the tightening between the tiles is difficult to loosen, and the top paint or even the aluminum SHEET will be damaged. The fixing sequence of the roof screws should be the same as that of the aluminum plate. Do not fix the screws in reverse. The aluminum plate should be cut on the ground platform as far as possible, and should not be cut near other tiles.

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If you need to install a platform, do not do so on a NANOMET ROOF SHEET. When cutting, the shingles face down. Debris left on the shingles after cutting needs to be cleaned up. Remove all iron filings and debris after installation every day. When installing the roof, the shingles that cannot be installed on the day of the roof lifting should be stacked and tied up in bundles to avoid the shingles being blown away by strong winds.

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NANOMET ROOF SHEET should be marked with watercolor pens, do not use pencils, do not touch lead, copper and other materials, do not paint silica gel. When hoisting, the tile should be placed on the installation platform according to the installation direction, and do not rotate on the installation platform. Do not drag shingles on rough surfaces during transportation, nor drag them between shingles to avoid damaging the finish paint.


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