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NANOMET ROOF SHEET upright single flanged roof system full enveloping flanged system

Published date: 2023/4/18

agricultural metal roofing

NANOMET ROOF SHEET is a new type of roof panel, which is widely used in the construction industry, and plays an important role in the development of modern buildings to the direction of comfort, light weight, durability, economy and environmental protection. Due to the advantages of moderate structural strength, weather resistance, stain resistance, easy bending and welding processing, it is widely recognized as the roof and exterior wall material with a service life of more than 50 years in architectural design; Marine grade aluminum alloy materials with stronger corrosion resistance can be selected for Marine climate building design.

galvanized sheet metal roofing

NANOMET ROOF SHEET vertical single locking roof system: This system because of the height of the ribs 65MM, can not see a nail on the panel, completely surrounded the locking mode, in the drainage and waterproof aspect is quite in place, the shape conforms to the characteristics of aluminum. Beautiful appearance, generally used in stadiums, exhibition centers, airports, stations and other large landmark buildings.

striated metal roof

NANOMET ROOF SHEET has excellent flexibility. With steel plate, aluminum plate and other materials, it can meet a variety of different architectural design requirements, including plane, arc, fan (big head), melon rind shape (small two ends and large middle), small two middle and large head shape, etc., so as to provide a broad creative space for architects.


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