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NANOMET ROOF SHEET uses the roof effect

Published date: 2023/3/23

industrial metal roofing

(1) Reduce the thickness of the heat insulation layer: because the thickness of the thermal layer can be greatly reduced, the heat insulation device can be miniaturized and the volume of the device can be increased
(2) Reduce heat storage: reduce the heat storage of the heat insulation layer, greatly shorten the heating time of the furnace, so not only energy saving, NANOMET ROOF SHEET nano porous heat insulation material can improve productivity and easy to carry out temperature control effect.

14 ft metal roofing

(3) Reduce heat loss: Because the NANOMET ROOF SHEET can achieve the heat insulation effect by using thinner nanoporous heat insulation materials, it can reduce the surface area of heat dissipation and greatly reduce heat loss. Therefore, it can reduce the surface temperature of furnace and improve the operating environment.
(4) Temperature homogenization: reduce the effect of heat loss, can make the temperature to maximize the realization of homogenization, the result can make the furnace of metal solution, glass solution, heat treatment products temperature more uniform, improve product quality.

metal roof that looks like tile

NANOMET ROOF SHEET, a new type of roof material, can replace clay cement brick and other roof materials, can be widely used in high and low floor real estate development, activity rooms, factories, shops, hotels, dance halls, office buildings, office buildings, residential buildings, teaching buildings and other housing interior wall partition, is an ideal wall material for energy saving and environmental protection.


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