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NANOMET ROOF SHEET usually do not have the lap and weldability to meet the various shapes of the building

Published date: 2023/6/20

agricultural metal roofing

The NANOMET ROOF SHEET system has the following characteristics: the entire system uses a point support structure, and the roof panels and purlins are connected by supports. The vertical locking lap makes the whole roof a complete whole. There are no screws through the roof, no damage to the roof, and no stress concentration issues.

10 ft metal roofing

NANOMET ROOF SHEET fixing seat installation: Self-tapping screws should be fixed using electric screw gun, self-tapping screws should be properly tightened, not skewed. When installing the aluminum magnesium manganese plate fixing seat, the heat insulation pad under it must be installed at the same time. Pull the long wire to check whether the columns of the aluminum alloy fixed base are in a straight line, and correct the deviation in time. Secondary purlins and main purlins are connected by connecting plates, and the upper surfaces of the main purlins and secondary purlins are maintained at the same level.

metal roofing that looks like clay tile

The NANOMET ROOF SHEET is usually not bonded and weldable, and can meet the various modeling requirements of the building. Metal roof unique wind pressure resistance design, high wind pressure resistance. Strong drainage function, good waterproof performance, heat preservation and sound absorption. High degree of mechanization, easy installation.


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