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NAOMET ROOF SHEET must be able to resist aging and have a long life

Published date: 2022/11/2

agricultural metal roofing

Water permeability: Pour the water into the groove of the NAOMET ROOF SHEET in the workshop to see if the water flow is straight and not tortuous. If it is straight, it means that the density is relatively uniform. 24 hours to see if there are traces of water infiltration on the back, if not, it indicates that the tile material is better.

decorative metal roofing

Anti-aging: Plant roof area is large, often affected by the sun, rain, hot and cold climate and other natural conditions and vibration, plant roof tile is easy to age. Once roofing tile aging, manufacturers are bound to renovate, which is a large cost. Therefore, NAOMET ROOF SHEET must be able to resist aging and have a long life in the selection of housing tile materials.

zinc metal roof

Corrosion prevention: Corrosive workshop has high anticorrosive requirements for NAOMET ROOF SHEET. The acid, alkali, salt and corrosive solvent applied and produced in the process of industrial production, as well as the corrosive medium contained in the atmosphere, groundwater, surface water and soil, will cause the building to be corroded. Therefore, we need to choose tile materials with good anti-corrosion performance. And the roof of the ordinary factory is often exposed to wind and rain, it is likely to corrosion and rust, so the ordinary factory also needs the tile material with good anti-corrosion performance.


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