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Need to choose the NANOMET ROOF SHEET with good fire and corrosion resistance

Published date: 2022/10/3

industrial metal roofing

NANOMET ROOF SHEET fire performance, the first, second fire-resistant grade of workshop, warehouse and single-storey, multi-storey civil building ROOF plate should be made of non-combustible materials, the ROOF waterproof layer and insulation layer can be made of combustible materials. No more than 4 floors of the first, second fire-resistant grade workshop (warehouse), the roof can use refractory body light composite roof board, the surface material of the board should be non-combustion material, the combustion performance of the filling material should not be lower than the basic fire protection standard.

10 ft metal roofing

Plant roof area is large, often affected by the sun, rain, hot and cold climate and other natural conditions and vibration, plant roof tile is easy to age. Once the roof tiles age, manufacturers will have to renovate them, which is another big cost. Therefore, the selection of NANOMET ROOF SHEET must be able to resist aging and have a long life.

ridge cap for corrugated metal roof

Corrosive workshop has high anticorrosion requirements for NANOMET ROOF SHEET. The acid, alkali, salt and corrosive solvent produced in the process of industrial production, as well as the corrosive medium contained in the atmosphere, groundwater, surface water and soil, will cause the building to be corroded. Therefore, we need to choose NANOMET ROOF SHEET with good anti-corrosion performance.


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