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Metallic Subway Tile first appeared in the New York subway station built in 1904. The 3x6 inch rectangular white tiles were applied to the subway platform that stretched for miles. This decorative style of small white tiles was designed by architects Geroge C. Heins and Christopher Grant. Co-created by La Farge. So it is called subway brick, of course, some people call it bread brick, small white brick.
Lightweight Metal Roof Tiles,The existing roof tiles include: clay tiles, clay tiles, cement tiles, asbestos tiles, glazed tiles, color steel tiles, color steel sandwich tiles, asphalt tiles, resin tiles, metal tiles, etc. Metal products include: color steel tiles, color steel sandwich tiles, metal tiles and so on.
In Chinese-style buildings, the roof design is very distinctive, so a lot of tiles are needed. Among the various antique buildings and Chinese roofs, most of them use metal tiles. The following briefly introduces the characteristics of metal tiles.
Spanish Roof Tile is the abstract use of small arches, cultural stone exterior walls, red sloped roofs, arc cornices and other symbols. From curved walls to balconies, as well as iron and pottery pendants, they all reflect the Mediterranean climate of Spain. Features. The arches and vents with strong Spanish style, combined with cultural stones and hand-plastered walls, also reflect the strong Spanish color. Building materials generally feel that they are relatively old and original, but they are very compatible and ecological. Like terracotta, the ceramic clay is fired in an environmentally friendly and energy-saving way, which brings a relatively small burden on the earth. It is more suitable for the concept of saving, energy saving and emission reduction advocated by modern society.
Advantages of color metal tiles: The cost is low and cheap, and the installation is simple. Disadvantages: The color steel tiles are hard and angular, easy to hurt; Soft and poor toughness; less color; Most of them are red, white and blue;
With the rapid development of technology. We are also paying more and more attention to the protection and development of ancient buildings. Antique building materials are also diversified, removing traditional soil and wood materials. Metal technology has also been further developed. The following briefly introduces the characteristics of metal tiles.
The metal tile should be well waterproof and drainage measures should be taken to maintain the normal indoor environment to prevent rain and snow from invading. Regarding the waterproof structure of different parts, the requirements for waterproof raw materials also have different key points.
SMART A GROUP INC was founded on March 29, 2016. The company is located in EI MONTE, USA, and was founded by Edward, an expert in building metal materials, and his two assistants. At the same time, Dr. Edward and his team set up a nanotechnology laboratory to conduct in-depth and extensive research and experiments in the direction of nano-film coating technology, aiming at the increasing demands of civil buildings, public buildings, factory buildings, warehouses and other places for rust resistance, heat resistance, low temperature resistance and corrosion resistance of top metal materials.
Introduction: Metal roofing is becoming more and more popular due to its wide variety and longer service life. Contributor Scott Gibson delved into all the different options for metal roofing, from materials to installation details. This article includes descriptions of metal roofing rating standards, as well as descriptions and prices of various roofing products, ranging from modular panels that look like milkshakes, shingles and tiles to classic straight seam or through-fixed panels.
September 7, 2020, New York (Global News) announced the release of the “Global Roofing Industry” report COVID-19 pandemic makes it impossible to complete construction Projects, and a large percentage of projects have been put on hold. Temporary resettlement orders, social distancing regulations, and restrictions on logistics and transportation restrict the labor market and supply chain.
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