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Performance characteristics of NANOMET Roof Sheet

Published date: 2022/7/11

industrial metal roofing

1. Long life: NANOMET Roof Sheet has reliable surface quality and consistent internal quality.
2, light weight: the load-bearing requirements of steel structure are reduced, and the construction difficulty is small.
3, easy installation: convenient installation, shorten the construction period, save the project cost.

fabral metal roofing

4. High self-cleaning: With antistatic function, the surface of NANOMET Roof Sheet is smooth and clean without frequent cleaning.
5, strong corrosion resistance: effectively prevent acid, alkali, salt and other chemical substances erosion.
6, safe and reliable: all parts can use steel connection, can resist strong typhoon attack.

patina green metal roof

7, arbitrary modeling: pressing, stamping, bending and so on can provide unlimited creativity for architects to create perfect visual effects.
8, good fire resistance, noise reduction: flame retardant, insulation, flame retardant; Concave and convex lines on the surface pollute the product without light and reduce noise.
9.Strong weather resistance: After uv lamp UVA-340 irradiation ≥1000h, the surface color of NANOMET Roof Sheet has no obvious change, which is applicable in the range of -20℃ to 60℃.

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