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Preparation method of silicon based composite thermal break NANOMET Roof Sheet

Published date: 2022/9/5

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Attapulgite hydrosol is a high concentration hydrosol with a mass concentration of more than 40%. It is made by dispersing the ultrafine attapulgite with a fineness of more than 800 mesh by an ultra-high-speed dispersing machine. Silica hydrosol is a high concentration hydrosol with a mass concentration of more than 30%. It is made by dispersing 20-60nm nano-silica by ultra-high-speed dispersing machine. NANOMET Roof Sheet uses raw parts.

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The preparation method of silicon-based composite heat-breaking NANOMET Roof Sheet is special in that it includes the following steps:
First, Processing of fiber and cotton: use a shearing carding machine to cut and carding cotton, remove impurities, make the fiber clean, fluffy, fiber pinnate, and shear into short fibers of 1-2 cm; Cotton refers to high silica cotton, glass fiber cotton, ceramic fiber cotton;

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Second, NANOMET Roof Sheet uses the preparation of attapulgite hydrosol: with the ultra-high speed dispersing machine, the revolution is above 8000 RPM, the ultra-fine attapulgite dispersing into high concentration hydrosol; High concentration hydrosol refers to the attapulgite hydrosol with mass concentration greater than 40%.

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