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Secondary design and ROOF installation of NANOMET ROOF SHEET

Published date: 2023/6/23

industrial metal roofing

Secondary design of NANOMET ROOF SHEET: 1) Assembly design of partition wall and ceiling according to the actual size of field payout of fluorocarbon series. 2) After drawing the plan of the actual construction site, according to the specifications and construction drawings of the fluorocarbon series, design the configuration of the suspended ceiling, partition board and efficient air supply outlet, door and window, the size of the opening, the joint point and the detailed size of each part.

12 foot metal roofing

NANOMET ROOF SHEET installation: 1) The power tools or equipment guide rails used for opening materials must be protected with soft materials, and appropriate lubricating oil must be added according to the knife tip before opening the root. 2) Check the soundness of the surface of the color plate before using the fluorocarbon series. In case of surface failure affecting the appearance, keep it in other piles and properly protect it. 3) The opening line of the fluorocarbon series is correct. 4) The layout of the top plate considers the position of all the tuyere and lamps, almost avoiding the plate seam to ensure the strength of the steel plate.

heat resistant tiles for roof price

The commonly used organic coatings of NANOMET ROOF SHEET include polyester coating, fluorocarbon coating, acrylic coating and epoxy coating, among which fluorocarbon coating has excellent weather resistance, solvent resistance, drug resistance, wear resistance, strong adhesion and good processability.


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