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The advantages of metal tiles as new building materials

Published date: 2021/5/24

As an indispensable building material in buildings, the quality of metal tiles directly affects the stability and safety of the building. Currently, the roof tiles that are used more frequently in my country’s construction include asphalt shingles, color steel tiles, and color stone metal tiles. Roof tiles of different materials have their own advantages and disadvantages. These materials can improve the building to varying degrees in practical applications. Thermal insulation, sound insulation and safety performance of objects. Compared with the traditional cement tiles, the new building material metal tiles have the characteristics of light texture, good thermal insulation performance, good waterproofness, obvious sound insulation effect, and strong weather resistance. Therefore, they are very popular with everyone. The colored stone metal tiles can reduce the impact on the building. Gravity support, simple paving, convenient cutting, reducing waste of resources.

The new building materials and green building materials developed in my country have made major breakthroughs in performance, use, function, safety and comfort, and coordinated the development of high-end, supporting and standardization of modern buildings to realize the development of new buildings. The adjustment and improvement of materials make building materials more in line with world development trends.

Metal tiles are very good for roof waterproofing. Because of their unique structure, the built tiles are like a whole, and the sealing is very good, which can play a very good heat insulation effect. Its reputation is very good. Loved by people. The metal tile is made of aluminized zinc sheet as the base material, which has good aging resistance, anti-corrosion performance, sturdiness and durability. It adopts a unique sandblasting process and is treated with anti-static treatment, which can play a good rain sound insulation and self-resistance. The effect of cleanliness, if there are damaged metal tiles in the later stage, they can be replaced in a single piece without affecting the overall structure of the roof.

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