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The advantages of the utility model NANOMET ROOF SHEET embossing compared with the prior art

Published date: 2023/4/26

agricultural metal roofing

Compared with the prior art, the advantages of the utility model NANOMET ROOF SHEET embossing are as follows: when double-sided embossing is needed, the T-shaped slider can be driven down by the driving mechanism, and the lifting plate can be moved down, so that the upper embossing mechanism and the lower embossing mechanism can embossing both sides of the plate at the same time; When only one side of the plate embossing, will need to embossing the plate face down, through the lower embossing mechanism can be embossing;

12 foot metal roofing

The piston rod extension of the control cylinder can drive the roller down, so that the roller presses the plate, so that the NANOMET ROOF SHEET and the lower embossing roller are in close contact, to ensure the clear pattern, through the motor can drive the rotating shaft to rotate, drive the belt shaft to rotate, the belt can drive the plate above to move embossing;

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The whole NANOMET ROOF SHEET device has high embossing efficiency and high pattern definition, which can be embossed on either one side or both sides at the same time to meet the production needs. The upper embossing mechanism comprises a connecting plate respectively arranged on opposite sides of the bottom wall of the lifting plate, and the upper embossing roller is connected between the two connecting plates and the bottom of the relative inner wall.


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