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The best way to insulate the workshop is to use NANOMET Roof Sheet with thermal insulation properties

Published date: 2022/8/22

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Plant anticorrosive and thermal insulation is the concern of every factory manager. Now the weather is still a little hot, and NANOMET Roof Sheet thermal insulation is done well, so the cost of cooling can be greatly reduced. So, plant anticorrosive insulation material in the end what kind of better use?

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For this problem, the best way to insulate a building is to use a NANOMET Roof Sheet with thermal insulation properties. It allows factories to insulate while saving money and labor. Why do you say that?

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In terms of saving money, the thermal conductivity of NANOMET Roof Sheet is very low compared with other insulation materials, as low as 3.93W/m. Moreover, the fine steel mirror silver is an extremely high quality heat reflection material, which can reflect up to 81% light and heat. Compared with the standard workshop under high temperature weather, the temperature can be reduced to more than 15 degrees, greatly reducing the use of air conditioning cost. In addition, NANOMET Roof Sheet is easy to construct and provides construction services at cost price, which saves customers' installation costs.

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