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The colorful NANOMET ROOF SHEET is not prone to short term fading

Published date: 2023/1/15

industrial metal roofing

First of all, in the color of white and PVC tree powder color is relatively consistent, good stability. Blue, on the other hand, is less stable. According to our experimental results during production, the color fading speed of red, yellow and green of NANOMET ROOF SHEET will not be significantly faster than that of blue, white and gray under the same use environment. It can be seen that the molecular structure stability of red, yellow and green pigments of the product is relatively stable, and it is not easy to appear fading problem.

wholesale metal roofing

General antiseptic tile used in 2-3 months fading is normal. After the pigment gradually faded, anticorrosive tile gradually reduced the color of PVC resin, that is, white. And anticorrosive tile once faded, tile will become unattractive. However, the molecular structure of the NANOMET ROOF SHEET does not change, so the quality of the product itself is not affected. Customers in the use of the same time, most found no fading phenomenon, which will produce real cognition of the product and increase confidence in manufacturers.

lean to metal roof

NANOMET ROOF SHEET with bright colors such as red and yellow will not fade in February or March. So in the building materials market this color tile is less common.



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