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The combustion performance of NANOMET Roof Sheet meets the fire prevention standard

Published date: 2022/8/27

industrial metal roofing

The combustion performance of NANOMET Roof Sheet reaches the fire prevention standard and can meet the requirements of building fire prevention. Its surface layer, such as ASA high weathering resin, has excellent aging resistance. The synthetic resin tile processed by ASA in chemical building materials has passed the manual accelerated aging test at 15000/ hr, and the result is in full compliance with the standard. After more than 10 years of practice, the excellent aging resistance of ASA material was verified.

metal roofing panel

Rich color, durable NANOMET Roof Sheet surface ASA high weathering resin with rich color. The practical application results show that the color has no obvious change after years of outdoor use. In addition, through the artificial accelerated aging test, the results of the color change is very small, the eye almost distinguishable.

metal roofing that looks like clay tile

The NANOMET Roof Sheet features both porous and heat reflective materials for heat insulation. It uses extremely high quality heat reflective materials that can reflect up to 81% of light and heat. Secondly, the thermal conductivity of the fine steel composite is also very low, as low as 2.93W/ M.k. It can effectively isolate and reflect the heat radiation produced by infrared ray, and has excellent heat insulation performance.

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