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The corrosion rate of NANOMET ROOF SHEET is regular

Published date: 2023/6/27

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Fluorocarbon NANOMET ROOF SHEET, also known as fluorocarbon coated sheet, is a steel plate with organic coating, which has the anti-corrosion and decorative properties of organic coating, and the high strength and processability of steel plate. It has the advantages of light weight, high strength, thermal insulation, beautiful and durable, and is an efficient, environmentally friendly and energy-saving material. Fluorocarbon coating series is a high-quality roofing material, more and more attention by the market, it is gradually replacing the color steel tile to become one of the main body of the market.

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The corrosion rate of NANOMET ROOF SHEET is regular, generally fast first and then slow. The coastal environment is wet, so the speed is faster; Heavy industry is many times higher than in mountainous and rural areas; Lack of rust protection layer and outdoor air will increase the degree of corrosion; The design and use level of corrosion resistance is the focus of the next improvement, which involves many issues such as the cost, durability, performance and maintenance costs of aluminum magnesium and manganese plates. The application of fluorocarbon coating series at this stage solves this problem to a large extent.

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Fluorocarbon coated NANOMET ROOF sheets are mainly used in indoor and outdoor buildings that require long-term protection and always maintain the original color, especially high-end buildings or buildings in harsh environments. Examples include public facilities, airports, commercial or office buildings, supermarkets, industrial plants, hangars and grain warehouses.


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