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The corrosive high temperature moisture in non ferrous metal smelting plant will not cause accelerated corrosion of NANOMET ROOF SHEET

Published date: 2022/12/1

industrial metal roofing

Now most plants use color steel tile, but the service life of color steel tile are in 1-2 years. Color steel tile belongs to metal products, in the case of wind and rain, it will not take long to rust, inferior color steel tile will not be used for about 1 years. In particular, chemical plants, all kinds of acid and alkali corrosive water vapor body is oxidizing color steel tile every day, greatly shortening the service life of this tile, anti-corrosion steel plastic NANOMET ROOF SHEET can apply to all kinds of heavy corrosive environment.

decorative steel sheets

The production environment of nickel, cobalt and most non-ferrous metal smelting plants is highly corrosive to color coated board (color steel tile), such as high temperature moisture, smoke particles fly dust, and gases, liquids containing corrosive elements such as SO2 (sulfide), chloride ion Cl- (chloride), or related salt solution, dust, It will not cause accelerated corrosion of the NANOMET ROOF SHEET.

trapezoidal metal roof

New environmental protection building materials are very popular in the construction field NANOMET ROOF SHEET, its board is the upgrade product of color steel tile, with 0.5mm thick high strength steel plate as the base plate, positive and negative composite anti-corrosion function film, no rust and water leakage in all kinds of heavy corrosive environment, long service life.


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