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The difference between Pre painted steel coil and Nano steel

Published date: 2023/7/18

Ordinary Pre-painted steel coil

Under the irradiation of sunlight ultraviolet radiation, the surface appears large microporous protrusion easily. This indicating that the molecules on the layer have a serious degradation reaction and make the surface fade and rough.




The surface layer has active photocatalytic nanomaterials, which make the pollutants absorbed on the surface undergo REDOX decomposition, so as to remove harmful polluting molecules such as organic matter and ammonoids in the air and achieve the purpose of self-cleaning.

(The surface of the nano-steel stays clean and bright after the rain)


Ordinary Pre-painted steel coil

The thermal insulation performance is poor, easy to make the indoor temperature is higher than the outdoor temperature. The surface damage easily by the acid and alkali reaction, and the rain cannot completely wash away the surface dust.




Add the antistatic agent in the anti-aging film on the surface increases the smoothness of the film layer surface, effectively reduces the friction coefficient, and prevents the generation of electrostatic adsorption of dust. Thus, protecting the finish of the steel surface and greatly improving the weather resistance, making the surface of the nano-steel clean and bright after the rain.



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