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The galvanizing plant requires that the NANOMET ROOF SHEET be protected from the possibility of corrosion

Published date: 2022/11/5

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The galvanized workshop plant is composed of pendant area, closed room, galvanized cooling passivation area and unloading area, among which the closed room includes five types of sink tank, such as skimming pool, pickling pool (hydrochloric acid), washing pool, plating aid pool and drying pool. Hydrochloric acid is volatile and corrosive, and its volatilized gas is easy to combine with the moisture in the air to produce acid fog, which requires that the NANOMET ROOF SHEET of the workshop must avoid the possibility of corrosion.

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In the building materials market, the corrosion resistance of NANOMET ROOF SHEET is second to none, and can be used for more than 10 years in corrosive environments such as galvanizing workshops. Fine steel anticorrosive steel plastic plate is the upgrade product of color steel tile, the use of new concepts and technology, with high strength special steel plate as the base plate, double laminated anticorrosive heat insulation film, realize the combination of high efficiency heat insulation and durable anticorrosion at the same time.

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It not only ensures the robustness, durability and wind resistance of NANOMET ROOF SHEET, but also plays a high efficiency heat insulation, durable corrosion resistance, acid and alkali resistance and other properties, which can adapt to a variety of complex and harsh climate environment.


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