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The main reason for the difference between NANOMET ROOF SHEET material and ordinary color steel sheet

Published date: 2023/2/8

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As a result of the new roof wall anticorrosive materials started late, so did not form the scale of development. Some production enterprises quite small scale, no advanced equipment and technology, product quality grade is lower supporting capacity at a lower level. The main reasons for the difference in the development rate of NANOMET ROOF SHEET material and ordinary color steel plate are as follows:

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First, the production cost of ordinary color steel plate is low. As a new process of NANOMET ROOF SHEET, the price is different. Second, NANOMET ROOF SHEET wall material because of the application of high-tech materials, the price will be slightly higher than ordinary materials, which limits the development and promotion of the current new process anticorrosive tile; Third, at present, there are strict standards for the tile in the construction process, technology and detection means, so the brand product quality stability is good.

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For the operation of personnel in the construction process, in addition to mastering certain technology and experience, we must do a good job of self-protection measures. With the improvement of NANOMET ROOF SHEET, its price is also increasing, which also shows the rapid development of anti-corrosion tile production and a very practical product.


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