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The metal roofing system uses the NANOMET ROOF SHEET installation procedure

Published date: 2023/6/8

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The metal roofing system uses NANOMET ROOF SHEET, and the installation process is to set the wire in place and trim the edge. It installation steps:
1. Lift the NANOMET ROOF SHEET to the installation position. After positioning, first align the control line of the plate end, press the edge into the edge of the front plate, and then check whether the edge is tightly combined.

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2. After adjusting the position of the NANOMET ROOF SHEET, use a special electric edge wrapping machine to wrap the edge, requiring continuous, flat, no distortion, no crack. In the grinding crawling process, the grinding edge needs to be tightened within 1mm before the grinding edge, which is also the key to the quality of mechanical grinding.

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3. Trim the edges of the NANOMET ROOF SHEET After the metal roofing system is installed, trim the edges of the panels to ensure that the edges of the aluminum magnesium and manganese metal roofing system are neat and beautiful.
After completing the pre-installation tests, the installation of the NANOMET ROOF SHEET metal roof system began. Mechanical connection and locking installation. After the metal roof system is laid, it should be connected with the vertical pole as soon as possible to improve the integrity and bearing capacity of the floor.


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