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The NANOMET ROOF SHEET can refer to the design principles of international standards

Published date: 2023/6/9

industrial metal roofing

When laying the NANOMET ROOF SHEET and aligning its axis, the panel is first aligned with the bracket by hand, and then the edge bander is placed at the joint of the three panels. The two legs of the edge banding machine support the edge banding machine to prevent flipping. When installing, the worker should first walk along the plate rib at the bite between the plates, and try to stabilize the lock joint between the plate and the support under the plate when walking.

heat reflective roof tiles

The lead rope of the latter puller follows closely, and the NANOMET ROOF SHEET metal roofing system is closely linked. It performs well in the construction industry, but many details should be paid attention to in the product design to improve the stability of the product. What details should be paid attention to in its design? The design should pay attention to the safety between the metal plates.

insulating an existing metal roof

In some residential or commercial buildings, the wind and rain resistance of all NANOMET ROOF sheets should be carefully considered. Before carrying out all aspects of the design work, attention should be paid to the height and shape of the roof. It is also necessary to consider the wind pressure and load probability of the support, which can refer to the design principles of international standards.


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